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Practical Digital Workflows for Addressing Key City Initiatives

Course Information

With urbanization and the continuous threat to infrastructure from climate-related forces, it is time for cities to seek solutions to help minimize the chronic stress on current infrastructure as well as mitigate, respond to and recover from acute shocks from these recurring events. As cities continue to advance “smart” initiatives, city leaders continue to challenge city departments to digitally advance in support of those initiatives. But there still are information silos inhibiting collaboration and information sharing, which slows initiatives and creates an uneven pace of digital advancement across city departments. The digital city is data-centric using a city-wide digital twin to improve infrastructure and deliver services. All data owners/users benefit from an open and connected environment. Bentley Systems offers a comprehensive set of solutions to help cities manage the data associated with and generated by their infrastructure assets.


By Teresa Elliott, Industry Marketing Director, Utilities & Digital Cities, Bentley Systems

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this article, the reader should be able to:

• Understand the benefits for cities from improving infrastructure data gathering and information sharing across municipal departments as well as from data transparency among departments, citizens and other stakeholders.

• Understand what digital twins are as well as how they are built and used to support smart city use-cases such as city-scale urban planning or infrastructure resilience.

• Know which Bentley Systems applications are used to improve municipal data use and build digital twins, particularly as applied to urban planning and flood resilience.

• Understand how Helsinki, Gothenburg and Lisbon are implementing digital city initiatives.

• Understand urban planning and flood resilience workflow best practices.

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