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Southern California’s Shrinking Salton Sea

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Southern California's Shrinking Salton Sea: Mapping, Managing and Mitigating New PM10 Air Pollution Sources

Duration:60 minutes


The Imperial Irrigation District (IID) Water Conservation and Transfer Project includes a long-term transfer of up to 303,000 acre-feet of water annually from IID to the San Diego County Water Authority, and the Coachella Valley Water District. The Water Transfer Project, along with other factors affecting Salton Sea inflows and water balance, will result in accelerated exposure of the Salton Sea floor. As the Sea continues to recede, there is potential for windblown dust emissions from the exposed dry lakebed (the playa). A significant portion of this windblown dust is PM10 (particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of 10 micrometers or less). PM10 are approximately 1/7th the thickness of a human hair, are small enough to be inhaled, and represent a potential human health risk. The Salton Sea Air Quality Program is focused on monitoring and mitigating dust emissions from exposed Salton Sea playa. Remote sensing is a key component of this program, and will be used to map playa surfaces, vegetative cover, and active dust source areas. Learn how satellite, aerial and UAV images all contribute to this effort and how they are being processed using Trimble eCognition image analysis software. The presentation will also discuss dust control pilot projects, such as Surface Roughening, and the remote sensing techniques used to inform design and evaluate dust control effectiveness.


Aaron J. Smith

Senior Remote Sensing Analyst Formation Environmental, LLC   With training in geography, environmental sciences and forestry, Aaron brings 17 years of real-world Remote Sensing and geospatial analysis experience to Formation. His prior work includes mapping of wetlands, general land cover, wildland fire severity, forest and urban tree inventory, urban change, impervious surfaces and numerous other projects . He's a Trimble recognized expert ("Black belt") for eCognition object-based image analysis software. He is also highly proficient with the R data analysis package; using it primarily for data modeling, machine learning and the statistical side of spatial accuracy assessment. Aaron's considerable experience in the design (and execution) of ground/aerial sampling and accuracy assessment projects is particularly valuable in making sure the spatial data we produce is rock solid. He's worked with multi-spectral satellite imagery, hyperspectral satellite imagery, airborne metric imagery, LiDAR and small-format imaging platforms including UAS.

Christian Hoffmann

Market Manager Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Applications Trimble   Christian Hoffmann, market manager for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing solutions at Trimble has more than 10 years of remote sensing and GIS experience. Based in Biberach, Germany, he has been working with eCognition and Inpho software as a trainer and salesperson. He has focused on mobile mapping and airborne solutions, with extensive experience in the Asia Pacific region. He studied geography, geology, soil science, GIS and remote sensing at Tuebingen University in Germany and Ireland.

Matt Ball

Editorial Director and Founder V1 Media   Matt Ball is founder and editorial director of V1 Media, publisher of Informed Infrastructure, Earth Imaging Journal, Sensors & Systems, Asian Surveying & Mapping and the video news site GeoSpatial Stream. Prior to this publishing effort, Matt was editor-in-chief of GeoWorld magazine for seven years, and managed all aspects of the GeoTec Event, Canada's largest geospatial industry tradeshow. Before working in the geospatial industry press, he worked for the Geological Society of America and studied magazine publishing at New York University. Matt is located in Denver, Colorado.
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